Klaas Swivel-joints are free of regular maintenance due to a lubrication with special synthetic lubricants to suit the indicated operational conditions and to last the whole service life. If any leakages arise, the sealing has to be replaced.

Should any adverse effect on the swivel joints require grease lubrication, it is possible to equip the swivel joints with grease nipples instead of sealing plugs according to customer specifications.

When re-greasing the swivel joints the grease has to be pressed in slowly and cautiously, as grease-overpressure may lead to a damage of the sealing.. Furthermore to avoid damages of the swivel joint itself the sealing needs to be replaced immediately and imperatively on occurring of a leakage. The replacement has to be effected precisely in accordance with the assembly instructions.

We have seals available for the DH, RD1, RD2S and the RD2L series. Assembly instructions will be provided along with the supply of the seals. If you want to order the seals, please provide the swivel specifications IN FULL.

Generally we provide seals for all swivels we supplied. Contact us on time and avoid panic or long down-times of your application. Seals are normally available from stock but this is no guarantee for down-time problems.

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