RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedures

In the event that products needs to be send or returned to Meefil, RMA procedures apply. The RMA procedure starts with any of 3 possible causes : technical problem with the product, wrong purchase or product does not comply. The purpose of RMA is to prioritize customer care towards the customer in order to instantly solve your problem. Shipments without RMA reference do not have priority.

We have 4 kinds of RMA procedures :

1. Guarantee, products does not function correctly or failed
2. Repair, products failed and need factory repair
3. Investigation, technical evaluation report to either find out why product is failed or if product comply to the requirements.
4. Commercial, supply does not match PO or purchase mistake has been made.

In order to start the RMA procedure (prior to your shipment !) contact us [here ......] use the online form and select RMA - I WANT TO RETURN GOODS. Clearly describe your request with this mandatory information :

- itemno. and or product reference(s)
- quantity of the products
- reason of RMA request (see above, 1 to 4)

Service request

In some occassions customers are in the need for support after the purchase of our product. Althought all products leave our permises with a manual and or technical description, our sales department will support you with your any service related question. Please contact us [here ......] use the online form and select PLEASE CONTACT ME. Clearly describe your request and references and submit the form. We will contact you !

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